Nasal Surgery – Time To Be Precise
July 2, 2009

Surgery on the nose, or rhinoplasty, has always been a rather high profile procedure since the results are front and center. Unfortunately it is often the bad results on celebrities that get the most attention. What is overlooked is the tremendous satisfaction patients get once their nose “gets fixed”. Whether it is the bump on click to read more →

Cheek Implants May Just Be What You Need
June 29, 2009

With all of the emphasis these days on all of the fillers it may be that placement of cheek implants may really be the best choice. For those men and women who “never really had” cheeks to those who have “lost them” through the aging process cheek implants could be the perfect solution. The surgery click to read more →

Dysport starts today
June 17, 2009

Dysport is the new Type A Botulinum Toxin which is used to improve facial wrinkles. It works similar to Botox so now there is a choice of treatment. It has been used in Europe for over ten years and is very safe and effective. Cal 410-902-9800 to schedule your appointment and treatment. Dr. S

Interest in Fillers
June 3, 2009

Everyone is so interested in fillers these days…..and for good reason – they work. “Fillers” is the broad category we use describe treatments that add “products” beneath the skin. They can be used to add or restore volume due to aging or simply to fill in lines and wrinkles Restylane and Juvederm are the most click to read more →

Jazz Jones playing this Friday
May 13, 2009

Hi everyone. My jazz quartet, Jazz Jones, is playing this Friday night at Second Chance Saloon in Columbia. I realize this has nothing to with plastic surgery but though some would want to know. Hope to see you there. Dr. S