Financing for Plastic Surgery – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Ronald Schuster in Baltimore, Maryland
October 28, 2009

The recession may be officially over but everyone is still concerned about their finances. Financing has become a very popular way to allow patients to get the cosmetic procedures they want with an affordable payment plan. The most common procedures for financing seem to be breast augmentation, liposuction, and some of the larger body contour click to read more →

Testimonial from Breast Augmentation patient for Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Ronald Schuster
October 27, 2009

“Thanks Dr. Schuster! You did an awesome job. I’ve never felt this great before in my life 🙂 Thanks for EVERYTHING!” CS Wow. That means a lot to me. Breast augmentation is much more than getting “big boobs”. In fact most of my patients are really just looking to feel more in proportion and want click to read more →

Sculptra approved for cosmetic fillers from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Ronald H. Schuster
October 26, 2009

Sculptra has recently been approved by the FDA for use as a cosmetic filler. It has been approved for many years for the use as a volume correction in the treatment of HIV patients. It has a long track record of being safe and effective. Like other fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, click to read more →

Teenage Plastic Surgery from Dr. Ronald Schuster
October 22, 2009

I recently saw a young woman, 17 to be exact, for consultation regarding cosmetic surgery. Â I was struck with the power of plastic surgery and the sense of responsibility to use it wisely. Through the years I have performed various cosmetic procedures on teenagers and have found it to be emotionally rewarding experience.The most click to read more →

Tummy Tuck Instructions from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ronald Schuster
October 21, 2009

To help my patients you may find in my website a full set of instructions for most procedures. Simply go to the procedure section and scroll to the instruction portion. Whether the surgery is breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction or rhinoplasty you will be able to read how to best prepare for both before click to read more →