Brazilian Butt Lift by Ronald H. Schuster, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland

Wow, talk about a hot topic!

The Brazilian Butt Lift has gotten to be quite a buzz around town, the country and the world. Many women have found a successful trreatment to their flat, shapeless butts at last. It is really not new but has gotten to be much more popular because of internet awareness. The Brazilian Butt Lift improves the shape, size and contour of the buttocks through fat grafting, or fat transfer. In this safe, outpatient procedure fat is carefully removed from areas such as the abdomen, back and waist using liposuction. It is then prepared specially in order to concentrate the fat and remove unwanted oil and blood. This improves the success of the fat. The fat is then transfered into the buttocks using thin needles. Next the fat needs to sit quietly in it’s new surroundings while the body “grows into” the fat with tiny blood vessels. As the fat is “revascularized” it lives. As long as this occurs, the fat will live and be happy in it’s new home, and be permanent. No implants are used. This is a very safe procedure when performed in the right hands and safe setting. The art is having your doctor understand what an attractive butt looks like. It’s not just making a big butt, rather a more full shapely butt with better curves from the waist into the butt. Check out the patient photos under fat grafting in my website. Sometimes it’s all about the booty!