How Long Will Rhinoplasty Results Last?

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rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is the most popular facial cosmetic surgery in the United States, with more than 350,000 patients choosing this procedure in 2020 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® report. For people who are uncomfortable with the shape, size, or projection of their noses, rhinoplasty procedures are the most effective solution.

At his Baltimore-area practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald Schuster has worked with countless patients to reshape and balance their noses to perfectly suit their other features. If you’re considering rhinoplasty surgery, you might wonder if this investment in your appearance will provide permanent results. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits and longevity of this procedure.

What Can a Rhinoplasty Correct?

Rhinoplasty procedures can correct a wide range of issues, including:

  • Large or asymmetrical nostrils.
  • A bulbous, upturned, or drooping nasal tip.
  • A crooked, humped, or depressed bridge.
  • An undesirable size or shape. 

At Dr. Schuster’s practice, the goal isn’t to give you a copycat button nose. Instead, he takes your individual preferences and your entire facial anatomy into account to make measured, natural-looking adjustments, from subtly reshaping your nostrils to straightening a damaged bridge. 

When Will I See My Final Rhinoplasty Results?

Any surgical procedure involves swelling during the recovery process, so you’ll need to wait until this goes down to see your results. For the first week or two after your procedure, you’ll wear splints to hold your nose in the correct position. After a few weeks, a majority of the swelling will subside. However, your nose will continue to settle into its new shape for two to three months, with subtle changes and improvements gradually building from there. Final results are typically visible around the one-year mark.

Does a Nose Job Last Forever?

The changes Dr. Schuster makes to your nose during your rhinoplasty will be permanent. However, it’s important to remember that your face will continue to age, so you may notice subtle changes to the shape of your nose from this natural process. That said, patients typically enjoy the results of this procedure for the rest of their lives.

Schedule Your Baltimore-Area Rhinoplasty Consultation

If the shape or size of your nose is impacting your self-confidence, call 410-941-3289 to book a consultation at Dr. Schuster’s Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland practice. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Schuster has a reputation for deeply listening to patients to understand their unique goals and deliver stunning results.



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