Did you know that hair covers nearly every part of your body? Thanks to its fine quality and lighter color, much of this hair is imperceptible to the naked eye. However, hair can grow coarser and darker in certain areas of the body that are less visibly appealing. When this happens, undergoing laser hair removal in Baltimore with Dr. Ronald H. Schuster can help.

In the past, the only ways to remove unwanted hair were with painful plucking, threading, waxing or electrolysis, or with shaving or depilatory creams. All these hair removal methods were inconvenient, time consuming and extremely costly when added up over a lifetime.

Now, laser hair removal is an effective way to eliminate unwanted hair, with long-lasting results. In addition, the most recent advancement in hair removal technology – Lumenis’ LightSheer DUET laser — is making the laser hair removal process quicker and virtually painless.

LightSheer DUET Laser Technology

The Baltimore plastic surgery practice of Dr. Schuster is proud to employ the innovative LightSheer DUET laser from Lumenis for use in laser hair removal treatment. The High Speed LightSheer DUET is comprised of leading-edge diode lasers combined with a vacuuming action to remove hair effectively, and with greater speed and comfort than the other lasers on the market can provide.

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All lasers work to eliminate hair by directing highly concentrated light energy into the unwanted hair follicles. As the pigment in the hair follicles absorbs the light and heat, both the hair follicle and shaft are damaged, critically hampering the hair’s ability to grow again.

Thanks to its larger light beam, the LightSheer DUET laser can treat a larger area at one time, making the total treatment time much less than with a traditional laser. Also, because the LightSheer DUET offers two hand-piece options, Dr. Schuster can customize treatment to fit the unique needs of each patient and the body area he is treating.

Another feature of the revolutionary LightSheer DUET is its vacuum-assist technology. Providing a gentle vacuuming action during hair removal treatment is beneficial on two levels. First, the suctioning action allows the light energy to penetrate into deeper tissue layers, thereby improving the amount of light energy absorbed by the follicles. Combining the larger treatment area with the improved degree of energy absorption leads to a significantly quicker treatment time.

Second, the vacuuming action stimulates the pressure-sensitive nerves, which, in turn, block the pain nerves’ ability to send a signal to the brain. This phenomenon combined with a lower level of energy density at the skin’s surface results in a much less painful hair removal experience than with conventional lasers.

What To Expect With LightSheer DUET Laser Hair Removal

Multiple treatment sessions are required with laser hair removal. This is due to the fact that the laser is most effective when the hair is in the anagen, or active growth, stage, and not all the hairs enter the anagen phase at the same time. Thus, the laser hair removal treatment must be repeated as new hairs enter the active-growth phase.

Thanks to the quicker and more comfortable treatment experience with the LightSheer DUET laser, patients should not need topical anesthetics or gels prior to hair removal treatment. The total treatment time varies, depending on which body part is being treated. In general, however, the treatment takes from about five minutes, for the smallest treatment area (e.g., the underarms), to about an hour, for the largest treatment area (e.g., the back). There is no downtime required, but patients should be sure to keep the treated area out of the sun for several weeks after treatment.

Experience LightSheer DUET Laser Hair Removal For Yourself

If you are bothered by unwanted hair on certain areas of your body, it is time to consider laser hair removal. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Schuster to experience the innovative LightSheer DUET laser for yourself, please contact his Baltimore practice by calling 410-902-9800 today.



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