Testimonial from Breast Augmentation patient for Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Ronald Schuster

“Thanks Dr. Schuster! You did an awesome job. I’ve never felt this great before in my life 🙂

Thanks for EVERYTHING!” CS

Wow. That means a lot to me. Breast augmentation is much more than getting “big boobs”. In fact most of my patients are really just looking to feel more in proportion and want to remain “natural”. Ok – well maybe natural with a little pizazz – but not the “Dolly Parton” look. In order to get the right look I ask patients to bring in photos of their “likes” and “dislikes”. We go over them together during the consultation and discuss whether or not they are realistic goals and how best to get there. I take time with my patients so that we can decide on the right choices for that patient. Saline breast implants or silicone gel implants (gummy bears). Under the muscle or above the muscle. Round breast implants or teardrop breast implants. These are some of the things we talk about. In the end it’s delivering the result that counts and receiving compliments like the one from CS tell me that I’m doing it right. Thanks CS.

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