Breast Augmentation

I was speaking owith a patient today in preparation for her breast augmentation. She complimented me on her experience and my willingness to take the time to explain things to her. I am very appreciative and it got me thinking – isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Shouldn’t patients expect to be able to see their doctor for more than 5 minutes, especially if they are trusting them with their surgery? And after the surgery is performed shouldn’t they see the same doctor for their aftercare? It seems lately that there has been too much emphasis on fast procedures, fast money, and impersonal care. I can only tell you – that’s just simply not my style. Perhaps it was watching my father, an orthopaedic surgeon, the way he would treat people, or maybe it’s just the old saying “treat those as you would want to be treated”, I find great satisfaction in being able to “help” people with their decisions, not just provide them with an operation. There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right operation and the right surgeon and I think the process can be equally as important as the final solution. Anyway – perhaps I’ll write more on this later. In the meantime – feel free to ask questions.

Dr. S