Brow Lift

Brow Lift Surgery

Our leading plastic surgeon in Baltimore, Dr. Ronald Schuster, offers a number of options to help patients achieve a more attractive and youthful complexion.* Individuals interested in procedures like brow lift surgery can schedule a consultation today.

Purpose of Brow Lift Surgery:

  • To rejuvenate the upper forehead and open up the area above the eyes
  • To create better balance to the rest of the face
  • To improve the heaviness over the eyelids
  • To correct forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and an angry or sad appearance
  • To remove the muscles which cause frowning (because these are the same muscles which are treated by BOTOX® Cosmetic, patients will no longer need treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic after brow lift surgery)

Brow Lift Techniques:

  • The endoscopic brow lift technique is minimally invasive and requires only very small slit incisions, which are made in the scalp behind the hairline. A slender telescope is then placed beneath the skin and the procedure is completed using thin instruments. Endoscopic brow lift patients do not need to shave any hair. Additionally, this technique typically allows for faster recuperation, less chance of numbness, and less problems related to hair loss or scar formation. *
  • The open brow lift technique requires longer incisions that can be made either within the hairline or right at the hairline, but patients do not need to shave any hair. This may be the best choice for those patients with a high forehead or hairline in order to have better balance
  • The combined technique utilizes a limited incision method
  • The type of brow lift technique used is a decision made together based on the height of your forehead/hairline, the amount of wrinkling in the forehead, the quality of skin, and whether or not another procedure, such as face lift, is being performed as well. This will all be discussed at our office at the time of your brow lift consultation.
  • At our Baltimore area center, various brow lift methods may be combined with face lift, eyelid surgery, or other cosmetic procedures to enhance the results of their brow lift surgery.

Recuperation After Brow Lift Surgery:

  • Relatively quick with only moderate pain for the first one to two days
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Recommend one to two weeks off work
  • Back to full activity in three weeks

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*Individual results may vary