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While plastic surgery is most commonly associated with women, it is becoming a much more popular option for men who want to accentuate their masculine appearance. Dr. Ronald Schuster is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgery who has helped many male patients achieve their desired look through both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. He understands the needs of male patients and can create a custom treatment that provides you with impressive, natural results.


Also known as gynecomastia, male breast enlargement typically occurs when there is an imbalance of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. While the condition mostly affects babies and men above the age of 50, it can affect men of any age who have hormone imbalances. A male breast reduction can help by removing excess tissue and flattening the surface of your chest, restoring your masculine figure.


A tummy tuck is ideal for men who want to achieve a sculpted shape around their abs if exercise and diet aren’t enough. The procedure is also a great choice for men who have sagging skin around their midsection due to weight loss. Dr. Schuster can not only trim the excess skin around your abdomen, but also tighten the underlying muscles.

If you want to get rid of the stubborn fat around your thighs, waist, or abdomen, this is the procedure for you. Liposuction is consistently one of the top cosmetic procedures for men and is an excellent option for those who want to achieve a toned, contoured look. When performed by Dr. Schuster, a liposuction can enhance the appearance of your muscles and overall physique.


As we age, the lower parts of our face, especially around the neck and jowls, can start to sag. A neck lift procedure is the ideal solution for men who want to restore a chiseled chin, jaw, and neck by removing loose skin and excess fat from the neck. This not only reduces the signs of aging, but also rejuvenates a youthful facial appearance.

For those with advanced signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles, fine lines, and displaced fat, a facelift is a great way to turn the clock back 10-15 years. The facelift is the most comprehensive solution to facial aging since it can address several issues at once. If you want to naturally look younger, Dr. Schuster can give you superior results.

Since the nose is a prominent part of your face, it can have a great impact on your overall facial appearance. If you want to change the size or shape of your nose to make it more proportionate to your other facial features, a rhinoplasty may be a good choice. The procedure is particularly effective for those who have a crooked bridge or tip due to past trauma like a broken nose.

Also known as eyelid surgery, a blepharoplasty is ideal for men who have large folds in their upper eyelid, bags under the eyes, or drooping lower eyelids. This procedure can also help improve your vision if any of the sagging skin around your eyelids is blocking your eyes.


BOTOX® is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments sought out by men today. Made of a botulinum toxin, BOTOX® works by relaxing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles when overused. It is a great temporary solution for forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

Dermal fillers are another popular option for men who want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines. These FDA approved injections utilize a chemical naturally produced by the body called hyaluronic acid, which helps give the skin firmness. Although temporary, dermal fillers are an excellent option for those who want quick, smooth results.

Dr. Schuster has several skincare options available for men who want to restore their skin to a plump, radiant appearance. If you want to reduce the appearance of dark spots, rid yourself of dead skin, and rehydrate the surface of your skin, Dr. Schuster offers a number of treatments, including chemical peels, dermaplaning, HydraFacial®, and LED light therapy.

This innovative body sculpting technique is an effective, non-invasive way to remove stubborn pouches of fat. CoolSculpting works by freezing the fat cells in the treatment area, destroying them without affecting nearby tissue. The fat cells are then eliminated by the body as waste, leaving you with a noticeably smoother contour.

If you are unhappy with excessive sweating around your armpits, miraDry® is a great permanent solution. This treatment uses thermal energy to target and destroy overactive sweat glands in your skin without any discomfort. After just one treatment, most patients have a 75-80% reduction in sweat.

Ready To Discuss Your Plastic Surgery Options?

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Schuster, call us today at 410-902-9800. With decades of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Schuster can help refine your look. We welcome patients living in Baltimore, Owings Mills, and Towson, Maryland as well as men from across the United States. Virtual consultations are available for out-of-town patients.



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