Facelift Surgery Gone Wild
September 30, 2020

It seems that every other month or so, some new type of facelift procedure emerges. It’s usually discovered on some celebrity, and is hailed as the latest and greatest innovation in the medical world. These fad procedures often have catchy names and offer the most natural results with zero recovery. It’s like magic. It’s like click to read more →

Non-Surgical Treatments for Jaw and Chin Definition
September 28, 2020

A defined jawline is a hallmark of an attractive face. A well-defined jawline with a balanced chin can improve your profile and contribute to a youthful appearance. If your jawline has softened or changed shape with age, or if you were not naturally endowed with a slim jaw and proportionate chin, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. click to read more →

Deep Plane and Composite Facelifts
September 25, 2020

There are many different types of facelift procedures. Choosing the right technique is the job of a good Plastic Surgeon. In order to understand the different techniques, you must first understand a little basic anatomy of the face. The face is built from the inside out from bone and then layers of muscle, a support click to read more →

Can You Correct Inverted Nipples without Surgery?
August 24, 2020

Inverted nipples impact roughly 10% of women. This condition generally develops during puberty and results in the nipple projecting into the breast. Fortunately, inverted nipples don’t pose any health risks. However, they may cause problems breastfeeding in some situations. If this occurs, there are appliances that can be used to help. In addition, you may click to read more →