Know Your Grade: Explore the Solutions for Inverted Nipples

Nipples can become inverted for various reasons, including genetics, pregnancy, and aging. Because of this, many individuals seek surgery for inverted nipples to improve their appearance. Nipple inversion has three classifications (grades), each determined by the extent of inversion and the nipple’s mobility. Identifying the grade of inversion you fall under can help you understand the most …

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Will AI Change Plastic Surgery?

It seems like artificial intelligence is suddenly impacting every aspect of our lives. That might extend to your decision to get plastic surgery and, eventually, the way your chosen procedure could be planned and performed. Here’s a closer look at this evolving relationship. The Allure of AI-Powered Filters You’ve likely encountered AI-powered filters on social media platforms …

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Why It’s Important To Invest in Yourself

When the economy is uncertain, spending money on elective cosmetic services might give you pause. Yet, no matter the financial climate, investing in yourself is essential to your well-being. Plastic surgery, in particular, has the transformative power to enhance your confidence and impact everything from your professional pursuits to your personal relationships. For many people, cosmetic …

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What Is Platysmaplasty?

The world of cosmetic surgeries is vast, and it is easy to become confused by the interchangeable names of different procedures. One such procedure is platysmaplasty. Platysmaplasty is the medical name for surgery that elegantly reshapes the neck while tightening the underlying musculature, and it’s more commonly referred to as a neck lift. Learn what platysmaplasty …

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Can I Combine My Rhinoplasty With Other Surgeries?

Rhinoplasties are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries people undergo to reach their aesthetic goals. However, you may also be interested in other facial surgeries, and it makes sense to wonder if you can have multiple procedures at once. The simple answer is yes, you can combine rhinoplasty with other surgeries. In fact, combining rhinoplasty with …

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