What to Expect Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

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If you’re dissatisfied with your nose’s size, proportions, or overall appearance, rhinoplasty can help you achieve your desired shape. Various cosmetic concerns, such as humps, bumps, depressed bridges, uneven nostrils, and other irregularities, can be effectively addressed through rhinoplasty. Dr. Ronald Schuster, a highly skilled rhinoplasty surgeon in Baltimore, is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, and he will make sure all of your questions about rhinoplasty are answered. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 410-902-9800.

How To Prepare for Surgery

Before rhinoplasty:

  • Don’t use aspirin or anything containing aspirin for two weeks prior.
  • Notify us if you get sick, such as with a cold or the flu, in the two weeks before surgery.
  • Begin taking multivitamins as instructed on the label during the two weeks before rhinoplasty.
  • Arrange for a spouse or other trusted individual to drive you to and from your surgical appointment and to stay with you for the first 24 hours following the procedure.
  • Make sure your prescriptions are filled at least two days prior to surgery.
  • Take Arnica Montana starting two days before surgery. Arnica can be prepared differently by different manufacturers. Follow the directions on your particular preparation.
  • Purchase post-op foods from the grocery store at least two days prior to surgery (crackers, white bread, broth-based soups, and other light foods are recommended).
  • For cleaning the nasal area, purchase Q-tips, hydrogen peroxide, one roll of half-inch paper tape, and 4×4″ gauze squares at least two days prior to surgery.

The night before surgery, wash your face with Cetaphil for a full three minutes. Don’t eat or drink after midnight that night, and make something light for when you get home from surgery (such as Jell-O, or have a brothy soup ready). Shampoo your hair that evening, but don’t use any conditioner or hair spray. Get a full night of sleep.

When you wake up, don’t eat or drink anything. You may take specific medicines as instructed by Dr. Schuster. Take the Arnica Montana under the tongue as normal. Wash your face with Cetaphil again for three minutes. Don’t wear any makeup or lipstick. Don’t place anything in your hair, such as pins, wigs, hairpieces, or any kind of hair accessory. Wear loose clothing that you don’t have to pull over your head. Have your spouse or the other designated individual drive you to your appointment, and make sure they know they’ll need to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours afterward.

What Is the Hardest Day After Rhinoplasty?

Most agree that the first three days after going through rhinoplasty surgery are collectively the hardest. It is during this period that you’ll want to rest as much as possible to give your body an ample chance to heal.

How You Will Feel After Surgery

You’ll have a splint over the bridge of your nose after surgery. There will not be any packing within your nose, though occasionally, there might be thin splints inside as well. You may feel groggy and tired immediately after rhinoplasty. You’ll start feeling better once you go home and sleep for a while.

While you sleep, you’ll need to keep your head elevated to prevent bruising and swelling. Make lightweight ice packs or use an ice compress and hold it against your eyes and cheeks as often as possible during the first 48 hours. Crushed ice works best.

You’ll stick to a liquid diet during that day of surgery. Gradually incorporate light foods till you feel confident about a regular diet, which most people tolerate well the next day.

Expect bloody discharge from your nose for several days. You can change the gauze as it becomes saturated. You must not rub, wipe, or blot your nose, though. You also cannot sniff or blow your nose for two weeks. Clean the edges of your nostrils with a Q-tip moistened with hydrogen peroxide the day after rhinoplasty. Keep taking the same dose of Arnica Montana at the same frequency until you run out. Come to your follow-up appointment as scheduled to make sure your rhinoplasty recovery stays on track.

What Are the Most Painful Days After Rhinoplasty?

Because of the way the human body heals itself, the swelling you experience after rhinoplasty will initially get worse before it gets better. This is normal, but that doesn’t make it enjoyable. Typically, this will start roughly three days after your surgery has been completed. During this time, you will likely experience the most discomfort. This is when you’ll want to take any pain medications that you have been prescribed.

How Long After Rhinoplasty Will I Look Normal?

Every person’s body is different, so there is no true “one size fits all” answer to this question; most people can expect to look “normal” and be closer to their final results after a period of about two to three months.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Nose Job?

The initial phase of your recovery from rhinoplasty will take roughly seven to ten days, although this can vary depending on the situation. Some people simply recover faster than others, and if you experience any complications (as rare as they may be), that could delay things. This is also why you’ll want to follow Dr. Schuster’s directions to the letter when you are discharged to help get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Arrange a Consultation With Dr. Ronald Schuster in Baltimore, MD

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can expect during and after rhinoplasty, or if you’re just looking to start your own aesthetic journey but aren’t sure where to begin, please feel free to contact us today. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ronald Schuster, please call 410-902-9800.

In the greater Baltimore area, Dr. Schuster is proud to provide rhinoplasty and other aesthetic procedures to men and women from across the region. Dr. Schuster is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for many years. He looks forward to meeting you to discuss your options.



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