If you often feel anxious or embarrassed due to excessive underarm sweating, Dr. Ronald Schuster is pleased to offer an incredible solution: miraDry. This cutting-edge system is the only FDA-approved treatment to permanently stop excessive underarm sweat (i.e., hyperhidrosis) and odor. You no longer need to feel ashamed in situations like giving a presentation at work, attending a social event in close quarters or going on a first date. Your underarms will stay dry, clean and odorless, thanks to miraDry.

Understanding miraDry

miraDry technology is designed to target and destroy the sweat glands under the arms with the application of controlled heat. This has no negative effect on your body’s ability to cool itself.

The procedure takes approximately one hour and the effects are immediate. Dr. Schuster and his staff will customize treatment to the individual needs of the patient.

One of the best advantages of the miraDry system is the long-lasting results. After the sweat glands are gone, they do not return.

Am I a Candidate for miraDry?

You might be a great candidate for miraDry if you:

  • Are bothered by underarm sweat or odor
  • Often have wet marks or chalky antiperspirant marks on your shirts
  • Feel sticky at the end of a hot day
  • Don’t like the chemicals in certain antiperspirants or deodorants

Dr. Schuster can meet with you for an in-person consultation to explain miraDry in more detail and confirm whether you are a suitable candidate. Call our Baltimore office to book a consultation today.

What Can I Expect During and After miraDry Treatment?



Treatment takes about one hour and is performed in Dr. Schuster’s office. Patients relax on the treatment table and their underarms are numbed to prevent any pain or discomfort. The underarms are also marked to help guide treatment.

The miraDry handpiece is placed on the underarm skin. As the handpiece is activated, it uses gentle suction to bring the skin and sweat glands closer to the surface. Special electromagnetic energy is then delivered the sweat- and odor-causing glands to heat and destroy them without damaging the surrounding tissue. As this is happening, a cooling mechanism protects the skin from overheating. The handpiece is moved to target and disable all of the underarm sweat glands. This process is not painful.

After treatment, the underarm areas may feel sore and will swell. . Applying a cold compress to the areas can help reduce any unpleasant sensations. Swelling is obvious and generally lasts 1-3 days. Other than soreness and swelling, nearly all miraDry patients can resume work and their normal routines the next day.. The effect on sweating is immediate.

Some patients need two procedures to see the best results. Dr. Schuster generally spaces these treatments several months apart. He can propose a treatment schedule during your one-on-one miraDry consultation. Patients usually see an 82 percent reduction in sweat after one to two procedures.

The makers of miraDry also created the miraSmooth system, which destroys underarm hair follicles similar to the way miraDry destroys sweat glands. miraSmooth patients can see a significant reduction in hair growth after a treatment session. Ask Dr. Schuster about miraDry during your consultation.

Schedule a miraDry Consultation

For more information about dry, odorless (and possibly hairless) underarms, schedule a consultation to discuss miraDry with Dr. Schuster. Call or email our office to book your appointment today.