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Patients interested in facial plastic surgery at our Baltimore, Maryland area center may be candidates for the neck lift procedure. Like other facial rejuvenation techniques, neck lift surgery targets specific problem areas to help patients achieve a more youthful and attractive overall appearance.

Purpose of Neck lift Procedure:

  • To improve the fullness of the neck area beneath the chin
  • To improve the “bands” or “cords” running up the neck
  • To provide for a better profile

Neck lift Surgery Techniques:

  • It is possible to improve only the neck area without having to perform other facial plastic surgery procedures. For patients at his Baltimore, Maryland area center, Dr. Schuster can develop a treatment plan to meet individual needs. In particular, younger patients who, for genetic reasons, tend to have a rather “fatty” neck may be good candidates for neck lift surgery. Also, other patients simply age prematurely in their neck while the other areas of the face do not show the signs of aging as quickly. For these types of problems, there are a range of options available.
  • Based on your specific concerns, liposuction alone, cervicoplasty, or neck lift surgery may be recommended.
  • Liposuction alone requires the neck skin to shrink down after the fat is removed. The better the condition of the skin, the better the results of this technique.
  • Cervicoplasty includes removal of fat as well as tightening the sheet of muscle beneath the neck. Cervicoplasty is an excellent facial plastic surgery option for helping to improve the angle of the neck. It is performed with just a small incision beneath the chin, but still requires that the neck skin be able to shrink down on the new shape of the neck.
  • Neck lift is the next step for correction of problem areas of the neck. It includes all of the things listed above and in addition lifts the neck skin by removing extra skin from behind the ears. This becomes necessary when the neck skin is not elastic enough to shrink, or if there is simply too much extra skin.

Recuperation After Necklift Surgery:

  • They can be done with just a “twilight” light sedation type of aesthesia*
  • Relatively easy recovery with surprisingly minimal discomfort
  • Most patients take one week off school/work and are back to full activity in three weeks
  • Results can be seen immediately

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For more information on the neck lift procedure or other facial plastic surgery options, contact plastic surgeon Ronald Schuster, MD to schedule a consultation.

*Individual results may vary