Dr. Ronald H. Schuster understands the value of cosmetic surgery, and believes that all individuals who wish to enhance their appearance should have access to high-quality, yet affordable care.

While the cost of plastic surgery should be considered prior to any procedure, it should not solely dictate how a patient proceeds with treatment.

As an experienced, patient-centered cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Schuster seeks to alleviate plastic surgery cost through a variety of financing options so that all patients have the opportunity to invest in their own lives. He and his team appreciate the fact that no two patient cases are alike, and work with patients on an individual basis to make treatment cost reasonable.

Considering Plastic Surgery Cost

When making the decision to undergo plastic surgery, it is important to understand the full cost of the procedure. While many patients may be tempted to choose the cheapest procedure option, this is not typically advised because when it comes to plastic surgery, the statement “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true. More important than choosing a low-cost surgery is choosing a qualified physician and facility that will protect your health and safety while delivering superior aesthetic results. As a well-practiced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Schuster has helped thousands of patients achieve their cosmetic goals safely.

In addition to choosing a qualified surgeon, there are several other factors that go into plastic surgery costs. The surgeon charges, facility fees, and anesthesia charges will make up the bulk of the cost of plastic surgery. These fees are assessed separately and can vary based on the type of procedure being performed. Other factors that may influence the cost of surgery include:

  • Overall health of the patient
  • Number of surgeries being performed
  • Complexity of procedure
  • Type of technique(s) required
  • Necessary post-operative care

Financing Plastic Surgery Cost

Regardless of the type or number of plastic surgery procedures that a patient is receiving, Dr. Schuster and his team work with the patient to determine a realistic payment option. During a consultation at his Baltimore practice, Dr. Schuster evaluates patient needs and speaks candidly with them about their personal cosmetic goals. It is only after this appointment has taken place that Dr. Schuster and his staff can provide an accurate quote on the cost of surgery. This is also the time when financing options and payment plans can be discussed.

Other Payment Options

Dr. Schuster's surgical coordinator works with all patients to help them determine which payment method will work best for them. At our Baltimore cosmetic surgery center, we accept several forms of payment.

Financing Alternatives

Credit Card Options

Wells Fargo Reflect Card (21 months!) Chase AMEX Everyday
US Bank Visa Platinum (20 billing cycles) Citibank Citi Custom Cash
Bank Americard (18 billing cycles) Wells Fargo Chase Freedom
Bank of America Bank of America Cash Rewards
Capital One Discover (14 months)
M&T Capital One Quicksilver

**** Call and ask “what is my credit limit?” *****

  • Ask “what is the interest rate at the end of the promotional period?”
  • Must pay the minimum due each month
  • Interest rate at the end of the promotion period determined by individual credit score

A great resource is where you can search for low and no interest options.

Care Credit Patient Financing

In most instances, plastic surgery is considered an elective procedure and must be paid for by the patient. In an effort to make cosmetic surgery available to all of his valued patients, Dr. Schuster offers structured payment plans and works with CareCredit™. Essentially a zero or low-interest rate credit card, CareCredit™ can be used to pay for various healthcare procedures. There are several different plans available on the card, and patients can choose the plan that works best for them.

1.6 and 12 months @ 0% interest

  • Must pay early or on time each month
  • Must pay the total amount due each month

**Penalty: 26% (back to the beginning) for late or non-payment**
2.24, 36, 48 and 60 month programs @ 14.9% and 16.9% interest

Credit Unions Do you have access to a credit union?

Personal Loan Take out a fixed-rate personal loan. An unsecured personal loan is a quick way to secure money for a surgical procedure. Personal loans are lump-sum loans typically ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 that have a fixed APR and monthly payment. If you have a strong credit history, your APR is likely to be significantly lower than a credit card.

Save up  If you don’t have the money saved up, you can create a budgeting plan to help you save up for the procedure. For example, if the procedure is $15,000, you could put away $625 per month for two years to pay for the surgery with cash. Creating a monthly budget can help you realize your financial goals and get the cosmetic procedure you want without any financial consequences.

Many patients use a combination of money they have saved up and then put the rest on a credit card to have a low monthly payment.

Contact Us Today

Dr. Schuster believes that everyone deserves a chance to have the body of their dreams, and the cost of a procedure should not stand in the way. He helps patients understand plastic surgery cost and their options for payment. If you have been considering cosmetic enhancement, but have been concerned about how much plastic surgery will cost, contact our Baltimore, Maryland practice today to learn about the financing options we offer.



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