Do I Need an Open Rhinoplasty?

A before and after image of Dr. Schuster's rhinoplasty patientWhen performing rhinoplasty, the surgeon can use an “open” or a “closed” technique. Sometimes, potential rhinoplasty patients will research the techniques and decide that one sounds better than the other, but it’s really important to consult with an experienced facial surgeon like Dr. Ronald Schuster before making up your mind. 

Dr. Schuster will first want to listen closely to your goals, concerns, and what changes you would like to make. He will examine the nose and face to determine if rhinoplasty will be a good match. Then, he will recommend the rhinoplasty technique that is best for your desired outcomes. Oftentimes the open approach is the right choice.

Open rhinoplasty is the most commonly performed rhinoplasty technique among many facial surgeons, and for good reason. An incision is made across the columella, which is the strip of skin separating the nostrils. Using this incision, Dr. Schuster lifts and folds back the skin on top of the nose, “almost like lifting the hood of a car,” says Dr. Schuster. By doing so, Dr. Schuster has really good visualization of your nose and nasal structure, as well as optimal control over modifying these structures. 

The open technique allows for the most precise modification of the nose because Dr. Schuster will be able to see everything. It allows for much more fine-tuning, while the closed technique is often limited to the removal of cartilage and tissue. The closed technique may be recommended if you need only minimal changes to your nose, but the open technique is best for any type of sophisticated re-shaping.

Sometimes people are concerned that the scar from the open technique will be much more obvious than scars from the closed technique. It is true that closed rhinoplasty incisions are all made inside the nose, where no one can see them; however, the open incision is a very acceptable tradeoff for the quality of results achieved. The incision will be very narrow and as minimal as possible. It would only be apparent if your head was tilted back and someone was looking right at the bottom of your nose. Even then, it will be very difficult for anyone to recognize because the scar fades as time goes by. Everyone’s skin scars a little differently, but most of Dr. Schuster’s patients find that the scar from open rhinoplasty is barely detectable – if it’s detectable at all – about a year after surgery.

Your Nose Surgery Consultation

To discuss whether an open or closed rhinoplasty is right for you, please arrange a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald Schuster by calling our Lutherville-Timonium practice at 410-902-9800. Dr. Schuster is proud to provide attractive nose surgery results to people from Baltimore and across the surrounding region.



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