Dual Plane Breast Augmentation by Dr. Ronald Schuster, Baltimore, Maryland

The Dual Plane technique of breast augmentation was first reported in 2001 by Dr. John Tebbetts. While other surgeons had been using this same technique, he was the first to coin the term “Dual Plane” and reported on a series of patients. The Dual Plane technique combines elements of both sub-muscular and sub-glandular placement of breast implants. In this technique, the upper portion of the implant is covered by the Pectoralis muscle, while the lower part of the implant is covered only by the breast tissue alone. Depending on the size and amount of sagging in the breast, the amount of implant covered by the muscle can be adjusted in order to give the most natural and full correction. The advantage of having an implant beneath the muscle provides for a natural appearance and less chance of capsule contracture. Capsule contracture is the undesirable tightening of the natural scar tissue which surrounds the implant.. When the implant is beneath the muscle, the muscle naturally massages the implant and reduces the incidence of capsule contracture. Allowing the lower part of the implant to be covered only by the breast allows the breast to be more naturally filled out directly by the implant. Having the implant completely covered by the muscle results in the implant being held up too high in the breast. This results in too much upper breast fullness, which can look un-natural, especially in more mature breasts, and those breasts in women that have breastfed.

I have used the Dual Plane technique for twenty years and have found it to be dependable, versatile, and reliable. It is flexible and can be used in nearly every type of breast. It is particularly helpful in helping women restore fullness in their breasts without having to have a additional lift. The technique can be used with both silicone gel and saline implants. Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is safe and effective. For more information go to my website www.cosmeticsurgerybaltimore.com where you can find information and photos on breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction procedures.



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