5 Reasons to Love the Ideal Implant®

One of the most exciting advances in breast augmentation is the introduction of the Ideal Implant®. Since the FDA’s approval of this new type of saline implant in 2015, Dr. Ronald Schuster and his breast augmentation patients have seen incredible results. Here, Dr. Schuster reveals the top five reasons why his patients love the Ideal Implant®.

1. Natural Looking Results

The majority of breast augmentation patients opt for silicone implants because the silicone filling looks and feels more similar to natural breast tissue than saline. But the Ideal Implant®’s special internal structure forces the saline filling to behave similarly to silicone, so it provides a very natural look and feel, comparable to silicone.

2. Peace of Mind

Although traditional saline implants are considered less natural than silicone, they offer patients peace of mind. Should a saline implant break or develop a problem with its covering, the saline liquid immediately leaks out and the breast flattens noticeably.

Silicone, on the other hand, can “silently rupture,” meaning the filling material may leak out of the covering but remain in or around the implant pocket. Because the breast maintains its shape, it’s nearly impossible for a woman to know there is a problem.

The Ideal Implant has an internal structure with two different compartments. If one of the compartments should break, the implant will get smaller but not completely flatten. This will signal to the woman that it is time to see her surgeon without feeling panicked or drastically uneven. The Ideal Implant® offers the natural look and feel of silicone implants with the peace of mind of a saline implant. If there is a problem with the Ideal Implant®, a woman knows about it right away and can take measures to correct it. There is no fear of a silent rupture.

3. No MRI Testing Required

In order to detect silent ruptures and other problems, women with silicone implants are advised to have regular MRIs or imaging tests to ensure the integrity of the implant. But because it is immediately noticeable if there is a problem with the Ideal Implant®, MRIs are not required.

4. Improved Shape

The Ideal Implant® offers a noticeable improvement in shape over a traditional saline implant. The edges of the implant are slightly curved so the implant sits closer to the chest wall. The implant’s structure offers more fullness in the upper pole and an overall more youthful shape.

5. Implant Won’t Completely Deflate If There’s a Problem

The saline filling of the Ideal Implant® is contained within two chambers. What that means is that if the implant breaks or ruptures, the implant deflates, but not completely. It is obvious to the patient but not noticeable enough to cause any problems while she waits to have the problem corrected.

For more information about the Ideal Implant®, Dr. Schuster invites you to call or email our practice today.

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