Different Types of Facial Lifting Procedures

smiling-womanIf you have ever wanted to enhance your appearance and fight the signs of aging, one of the best ways to do this is through facial plastic surgery. Since there are different parts of the face that may be affected by sagging skin, deep lines, and unsightly wrinkles, there are also different types of facial plastic surgery procedures to address these issues. Our Baltimore cosmetic surgeon and the team at the office would like to briefly cover each of these right now.


The traditional facelift is probably the facial lifting procedure that you are most familiar with and that you have heard about the most. The Baltimore facelift will involve incisions conceals around the ear area and the hairline. These incisions will allow the surgeon to remove excess skin around the mid-face area and to tighten the remaining facial skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and reduce sagging in the cheek area.

Brow Lift

The deep lines and furrows of the forehead cannot be addressed through a traditional facelift. Instead, a brow lift will need to be performed. The brow lift is specifically performed in order to tighten the skin in the forehead area and reduce the appearance of those lines.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Aging can sometimes cause the skin of the upper eyelids to sag. This can make a person look quite exhausted and may even block out part of that person’s vision. To deal with this issue with the upper eyelid, cosmetic eyelid surgery is a good option. The incision will be concealed in the existing fold of the eyelid and all the surgeon to help remove excess skin.

Neck Lift

After losing a lot of weight or as a result of advanced age, you may notice some excess skin in the neckline. In order to deal with this, it is important to undergo a neck lift. There is another facial lift surgery that may be helpful as well, which is the lower facelift, designed to address issues with the neckline and the jowls.

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