Facelift Surgery Gone Wild by Dr. Ronald Schuster, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland

It seems that very other month or so there is a new type of facelift procedure that comes out. It’s usually discovered on some celebrity and is the latest and greatest thing out. It usually offers the most natural result with no recovery. They always have catchy names to entice you to either the person who invented it or the quick and easy way it is performed. it’s like magic. It’s like facelifts gone wild!

I’m writing today to caution you about picking your facelift operation based on hype rather than sound judgement. There is not one size or style of jeans that fits everyone and so it should not be surprising that there may be different solutions to improving the appearance of your face. The surface texture of the skin, the elasticity of the skin, the looseness of the support beneath the skin, the volume and distribution of fat in the face as well as the underlying bone support all contribute to your appearance. These are all different from person to person and so there is not one single procedure that is the solution.

So how do you know what to do? It all begins with picking the right doctor. Your doctor has to be able to listen to your concerns, be thorough when examining your face, and be honest with recommendations. I emphasize corrections that will keep you “looking like you”. Sometimes this means doing more surgery than one anticipates. Other times it is doing less. Not everyone looks good after a facelift. I will often recommend against a facelift if I think it will leave someone with an un-natural look. So whether it is a Composite facelift, a Short Scar facelift, a vertical SMAS facelift, mid-face lift, fat grafting, browlift, cheek/chin implants, skin treatment, laser ……. and the list goes on, I will suggest the best procedures that will do the job. By going to a quality Plastic surgeon you will have all the different treatment options available to you. The more tools I have in my toolbox allows me to pick the right tools for you. The best referrals to my practice come from word of mouth. I need you be looking good!

Hope this helps in some way. Have a good summer. See you soon.

Dr. S