Nasal Surgery – Time To Be Precise

Surgery on the nose, or rhinoplasty, has always been a rather high profile procedure since the results are front and center. Unfortunately it is often the bad results on celebrities that get the most attention. What is overlooked is the tremendous satisfaction patients get once their nose “gets fixed”. Whether it is the bump on the bridge , or the big round ball on the tip, patients want their nose to be less conspicuous and be more natural with fitting the rest of their face. With this in mind, great results depend on understanding the problem, understanding the patient’s concerns and attention to detail during the correction. In order to get consistent results techniques such as the open rhinoplasty are used. I use the open rhinoplasty techniques probably 90% of the time. It allows me to look directly at the nasal framework and make corrections without guessing. It allows me to be precise, whether I am reshaping the cartilages with sutures, removing excess cartilage or narrowing the nasal bones. Today’s nasal surgery is just simply not the same as yesterday’s “nosejob”. Whether you are a teenager or forty-something, it is naver to late to make the changes in your nose. Call 410-902-9800 for your consultation.