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Dr. Ronald Schuster is part of an exclusive network of plastic surgeons offering the Ideal Implant®, a new type of breast implant in Baltimore that combines the desirable features of saline and silicone gel implants. It is designed to perform and feel like a silicone gel implant but with the safety and simplicity of a saline implant. The allure of the FDA-approved Ideal Implant® is spreading quickly as more women realize the incredible benefits in implant appearance, safety and performance.*

Intelligently Designed for a Natural Look and Feel

The Ideal Implant® is a newly designed “structured” saline implant. Other types of implants can collapse when held upright, losing fullness in the upper pole and wrinkling around the edges. The Ideal Implant® has an internal structure that controls the movement of the saline so it behaves like silicone. It is composed of a series of shells nested together — three to five, depending on the size — and two chambers containing the saline filling. The edges of the Ideal Implant® are slightly curved to fit closer to the chest wall. This advanced structure supports the upper pole and the edges of the implant to maintain its youthful, attractive shape.*

"Karlie shares her experience with Dr. Ronald Schuster of Cosmetic Surgery Baltimore, from start to finish. Our practice is committed to providing exceptional cosmetic surgical procedures and treatments to our clients, and we are proud to offer the Ideal Implant, providing life-changing results to patients like Karlie. We are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for every patient, and Dr. Schuster's expertise and attention to detail make him one of the most trusted and respected cosmetic surgeons in the Baltimore area."

Dr. Ron Schuster speaks with “Good Morning Washington” about the newest Ideal Implant for breast augmentation.

The design of the implant also lends itself to a natural feel. Most women considering breast augmentation prefer the feel of silicone gel; in fact, the natural feel of the silicone gel is its biggest selling point. The Ideal Implant® is practically indistinguishable from the feel of silicone gel. In blind tests, most women could not tell the difference between a silicone gel implant and the Ideal Implant®.*

Implant Integrity and Peace of Mind

Both silicone gel and saline breast implants can eventually wear out, rupture or leak. Silicone gel implant rupture is usually a “silent rupture” — meaning that most women don’t even realize that their implant has ruptured. Due to the sticky and cohesive nature of silicone gel, if a silicone implant ruptures or leaks, the breast mostly retains its shape and the gel remains close to the implant. It is usually not obvious to the naked eye that a complication has occurred. MRI tests can be done to detect the rupture but this is inconvenient and can be costly if it is not covered by insurance plans. Many women are not comfortable with the idea of having something “broken” inside their body, especially if they could be unaware of the problem.*

Saline acts differently in the event of a rupture or leak. The implant deflates almost instantly, and the body naturally absorbs the saline. This is very safe and it is almost immediately apparent that a complication it has occurred. After standard saline the implants has deflated, the breast will be obviously smaller and usually fairly flat. This can be somewhat distressing for the woman, especially because of the appearance of the deflated breast. Most women are evaluated promptly and choose to have the implant replaced. Replacement surgery is usually much easier, and all breast implants have a lifetime warranty. Another benefit of the Ideal Implant® is that it does not completely deflate because of the two different chambers. It deflates enough so that it is obvious to the patient, but not so dramatically that it causes wardrobe issues before actually having it replaced. With the saline-filled Ideal Implants®, a woman knows the status of her implants simply by looking in the mirror. Dr. Schuster believes that his patients deserve this kind of peace of mind.*

More about the Ideal Implant®

Ideal Implants® are available in a variety of sizes to meet the preferences and needs of a diverse group of patients. They come with a smooth surface and one profile (similar to a “high” profile). The new implants have performed spectacularly well in clinical trials. No implant has failed due to design or fatigue failure, and the rate of capsular contracture is very low.*

Dr. Ronald Schuster has written many articles with Ideal Implants. Dr. Schuster goes over the price of breast augmentation and sits down for a FAQ on breast augmentation and Ideal Implants.

If you would like to learn more about the Ideal Implant® and how it compares to a silicone gel or traditional saline implant, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Schuster. Call our office today to make an appointment.

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