Restylane Treatment for Earlobes from Dr. Ronald Schuster, Baltimore, Maryland

Get this – Restylane can be used to help improve your earlobes. Sounds silly but it works. Many women have problems with their ear rings either hanging too low or not sitting right against their earlobe. Restylane is a simple, safe and effective treatment. Restylane is a “filler”, called hyaluronic acid, which injected into the earlobe. It improves the fullness which has been lost over time, and gives the earlobe much better support. If the hole is too low, surgical repair is best, but for many, all they need is a little “pick me up”. The treatment takes about 5 minutes and usually there is enough left over to help improve a wrinkle or two. If you are someone who has this problem – you know exactly what I’m talking about!