Shaped vs. Round Breast Implants

Choosing your breast implants is a complex decision and requires you to consider many elements, including the shape, size, texture and filling of the implant. Shape is perhaps one of the lesser-understood elements of breast implants. Implants come in round and anatomical shapes. The implant shape that is best for you ultimately depends on your ideal results and your body type.

Dr. Ronald Schuster has experience using both types of implants. He will share his personal recommendations for your case during consultation. In the meantime, here is some information to help you better understand the nuances between shaped and round breast implants.

Overall Shape

Round implants are circular, with equal projection on top and bottom. Shaped implants resemble a teardrop, with a gradual downward slope.


Implants may be smooth or textured. Textured implants are designed to gently adhere to the natural breast tissue, which reduces the risk of the implant moving or rotating after being placed.

Round implants may be smooth or textured. If a round implant were to rotate in the pocket, it would still maintain its shape, and it would not be noticeable to the naked eye.

Shaped implants come with a textured shell to keep them in place and prevent shifting or rotating. If a shaped implant were to rotate or move, the breast would look distorted.


Because round implants project equally on top and bottom, they are appropriate for women that want more fullness in the upper part of the breast. Round implants provide more “lift” and cleavage. Many women enjoy the “push-up bra”-like results produced by round implants.

However, other women feel that round implants produce an artificial-looking result, and prefer the results of shaped implants. Since shaped implants have a gentle slope, they mimic the shape of a natural breast more closely than round implants. Shaped implants provide subtler and more natural-looking results.

Other Considerations

Besides shape, there are other considerations when choosing your breast implants.

Size: Implants can be filled to varying capacities, depending on how large you would like your breasts to be.

Profile: Implants come in different profiles, which will dictate how far the implant projects from the body. A low profile implant will not project too far from the body; a high profile implant offers a greater amount of projection.

Filling Material: Implants are filled with either a saline (saltwater solution) or silicone material. A newer type of silicone implants known as “gummy bear” implants are filled with a highly cohesive, form-stable gel material that retains its shape impeccably. There are pros and cons to saline, traditional silicone and gummy bear implants — all of which Dr. Schuster can discuss with you during consultation.

Schedule a Breast Implants Consultation

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