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Every skin care company believes that their products are the best. Many companies offer a full line of products that includes cleansers, moisturizers, antioxidants and their own “specialty” product. The company’s specialty product reflects their idea of how they can improve the skin. Some seem to work, others are merely “hope in a bottle.” But they all have their own “shtick”. We have looked into a few popular specialty products and supplied the following information as a guide to help those interested in learning more about these treatments. If you have any questions about the products featured here or any other skin care treatment, please feel free to contact our office near Baltimore, Maryland to speak with our nurse specialist, Mary Tatar for her recommendations.

Copper Peptides

Copper is the third most abundant trace element found in the body. Some skin care products that contain copper peptides have been shown to improve wound healing. It is thought that they act by increasing collagen production. Procyte® is a company which bases their products on GHK-copper peptides.

Growth Factors

Topical epidermal growth factor has also been shown to improve wound healing. Growth factors are chemicals which are passed between cells that help to give instructions for what the cells are to do. This is different from growth hormones, which are a type of hormone secreted by the brain. Some growth factors direct cells to make more collagen while others increase blood flow through the increased capillary formation. ZO Skin Health® is a company which utilizes their products, based on epidermal growth factors, as the cornerstone of their skincare line.

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