Tummy Tucks

Well, I know it’s been a while since I posted a blog – sorry.

I have been asked a lot recently about the differences between types of tummy tucks. Let me summarize:

A full tummy tuck is the standard tummy tuck. It includes the removal of extra skin, and the tightening of loose abdominal muscles. Liposuction can be added to the waist in order to enhance the results. The scar, while long, is placed low down so that it can be covered by bathing suits and lingerie. I like to place it very low and that’s why you will see in my photos that the scar is a bit more angled. This is much better in the long run.

A circumferential, or extended tummy tuck, takes the standard tummy tuck to the next level. In this surgery the loose skin from around the waist (the muffin top) is removed, additional liposuction is performed to the waist and back, and the scar continues around the waist and across the low back area. This is a very powerful procedure and does an unbelievable job of re-shaping your whole trunk. it’s not for everyone, and many people will object to the scar. But patients who have had this are very happy they did it.

A modified tummy tuck is used when there is only a modest amount of skin to be removed. in this type, aggressive liposuction thins out and reshapes the tummy. the muscles can still be tightened, and the some of the lower tummy skin is removed. The belly button is generally lowered a bit, but there is not any scar around the belly button. This works best in women who have most of their issues right around their belly button, or below, But the skin above the belly button is firm, somewhat tight, and does not stretch.. The recovery is generally the same, or a bit easier, as a full tummy tuck, unless the muscles are not tightened. Muscle tightening is always optional (though usually done) and is what determines someones recovery.

A mini tummy tuck is done when someone has pretty goo quality skin and needs only a small amount of skin remove. The good quality of the skin allows aggressive liposuction to reshape the tummy. The scar is confined to a short horizontal scar, like a C-section. Again, muscle tightening is optional.

So basically, the amount of loose skin, and the more you want your tummy to be tight, the more surgery needs to be done. Hope this helps. Feel free to comment and ask some questions. Enjoy the rest of the summer.



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