What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

faceliftWhat Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

As we continue to age, the signs of aging can appear on our faces. This includes skin beginning to sag, wrinkles, and expression lines. These signs of aging can be reversed with a Deep Plane Facelift. A Deep Plane Facelift is an invasive surgical procedure that can help you roll back the clock and help you feel younger and more attractive.

What Exactly is a Deep Plane Facelift? 

A Deep Plane Facelift is almost like a traditional facelift, except that it goes deeper. This helps achieve tighter more balanced and natural result. The areas around the jaw and neck are significantly tighter after a DPF. This helps to define the jawline and reduce loose skin in the neck, which will help increase your confidence and help you feel more attractive.

How Long Will It Last?

A Deep Plane Facelift can last around 10 years. This can vary from patient to patient due to different factors such as skin elasticity, age, health, weight, and more. Taking care of your skin after the surgery by using skin care routines can also extend the time your facelift lasts. All factors aside, a Deep Plane Facelift is effective and lasts a long time.

Will My Scars Be Visible?

When getting a facelift, the incisions are very small and thin. After a few months, when the skin has had time to heal, the scar will almost be completely invisible, especially from a distance. The incisions are also strategically placed in hard-to-see areas, such as around the ears and along the hairline, to make it even less visible.

What Is The Average Recovery Time?

After getting a Deep Plane Facelift, you can expect to feel swelling and discomfort. Most patients look good and can get back out socially after two weeks though the results will continue to improve for at least three months. Most normal daily activities can be resumed after two weeks and exercise after four weeks.

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