Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland

Ronald H. Schuster

Enhancing your face and body improves not only the way you look – it can also improve how you feel. At the Baltimore cosmetic surgery office of Dr. Ronald Schuster, our approach to aesthetic treatment embodies this idea. Through the latest technology, Dr. Schuster and his staff provide patients with cosmetic enhancements designed to help strengthen their self-image and restore their interpersonal confidence.

Whether you are considering breast augmentationrhinoplasty, or any other type of plastic surgery, you can trust in their expertise to give you the best results possible.*

We offer an extensive range of cosmetic surgery procedures to aid in rejuvenating the face and body. Treatments such as face lift, brow lift, and neck lift are excellent solutions for reducing the visible effects of aging.* Other procedures, including liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast reduction are great for creating a slimmer, shapelier body contour.

If you have been considering cosmetic surgery in Baltimore, Maryland, please contact us today at 410-902-9800 to schedule a personal consultation with our experienced cosmetic surgeon. We would love to share with you the ways that plastic surgery could help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.


Dr. Ron Schuster speaks with “Good Morning Washington” about the newest Ideal Implant for breast augmentation.



Dr. Schuster is currently running several plastic surgery specials, including deals on CoolSculpting and breast implants.