Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery

We offer a range of facial plastic surgery procedures at our cosmetic surgery practice for the convenience and benefit of our patients. Your face is your most prominent and unique feature, and is the first thing that people see when they meet you. For this reason, we encourage individuals who are unhappy with their appearance to consider facial plastic surgery. If you have features that you would like to change on your face so that you feel more comfortable in your own skin, or you would like to revitalize your appearance to look younger and healthier, facial plastic surgery can provide you with the look you seek.*

Face Lift and Composite Face Lift Surgery

A face lift procedure can dramatically alter an individual’s appearance, making him or her appear younger and healthier.* Though a variety of techniques can be utilized to perform a face lift, typically excess skin or fat will be removed and the overlying skin and muscle tissue will be pulled taught, creating a youthful and refreshed look.* As we age, our skin tends to sag; with a face lift procedure, we can drastically reduce or eliminate the appearance of sagging skin and droopy jowls.*

Neck Lift Surgery

Defining the neck line with neck lift surgery can have a tremendous impact on a person’s appearance. Not only can it make a person appear younger, it can make him or her appear healthier as well. Many of our patients find, even those with trimmed bodies, that refining the shape of the neck gives off the appearance of having lost weight, and people comment on the results. If you would like a slimmer neck with a more elongated appearance, a neck lift may be for you.

Brow Lift Surgery

We offer a comprehensive range of facial plastic surgery procedures at our Baltimore, Maryland area practice to meet our patients’ needs. If you would like to eliminate droopiness around the eye brows and refine the shape of your eyes and forehead, brow lift surgery can be used to meet your needs. As brow lift surgery is designed to rejuvenate the forehead and brow area only, it is less invasive than a standard face lift, and typically results in a quicker recovery process.*

Eyelid Surgery

Similar to brow lift surgery in many ways, eyelid surgery can be employed to remove excess fat and skin from the upper and lower eyes, and rejuvenate the appearance of the face. Sagging or baggy eyes can give a person a tired, depressed, or angry appearance, and in extreme cases, can inhibit vision. With eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, we can reduce or eliminate the appearance of puffy eyes.


Commonly referred to as a nose job, rhinoplasty can be used to correct asymmetry in the nose, eliminate or reduce the appearance of prominent ridges or “bumps”, improve breathing, and create a refined appearance more in line with the patient’s wishes. Because the nose plays a prominent role in a person’s appearance, we take great care to work with rhinoplasty patients so that their aesthetic goals are met.


The facial plastic surgery techniques offered at our Baltimore, Maryland area office extend to the treatment of the ears. Though many people may consider the nose and eyes more prominent features of the face, the ears can have an impact on a person’s overall appearance; if too large, too conspicuous, or grossly asymmetrical, they can distract from a person’s natural look. With otoplasty ear surgery, we can pin back ear that are protruding so that they are less conspicuous and more appealing.

Chin Surgery

If you would like to reduce or enhance the size and shape of your chin, we can help meet your aesthetic goals with a chin surgery procedure. To increase the size of the chin, implants are often used, as individuals with flat or receding chins lack sufficient bone structure. To reshape protruding chins, Dr. Schuster can sculpt the underlying chin bone through incisions on the bottom of the chin or inside the mouth for the desired effect.


Viora is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin to reveal a youthful appearance. Viora uses radiofrequency energy to gently tighten the skin and reduce fat cells. This minimally invasive procedure can be used to combat signs of aging on the neck and face. One of the main benefits of this procedure is that it is pain-free and requires little to no downtime.

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*Individual results may vary