Costs for Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia, abnormal breast enlargement in males, is a very common problem. Unlike women, who generally share their concerns with family and friends,  men affected with gynecomastia keep it to themselves. They rarely speak about it to anyone. This is unfortunate because it is a big source of embarrassment and concern for them. I treat many men with this problem and the story is almost always the same. They rarely go to the beach or pool and always wera several layers of clothing in order to hide and conceal their “man boobs”. Men of all ages look to get it corrected, whether in their teens or in their 60’s. It’s always the same – they “hate it”. Fortunately surgery to correct gynecomastia is relatively easy, safe and affordable. Go to to get more information.  In the majority of men the correction is done through a very small incision either off to the side of the breast/chest, or along the lower border of the areola. Liposuction, ultrasonoc assisted liposuction and direct excision of the thicker breast and fibrous tissue can all be done through this method. After surgery a compression vest is worn for 3 weeks and full activity can resume after 2-3 weeks. It is out-patient and not painful. Final results are seen after 3 months. Men with more skin, or a greatly enlarged areola, may need a small amount of skin removed completely around the areola. And men with much larger breasts, which sag will need all the extra skin removed and the nipple relocated in a nipple graft technique. You can view photo results at

The cost for gynecomastia surgery varies with the degree of severeity and what needs to be done. In addition to the surgeon charges there are also costs for the facility (which includes the operating room, nurses, and supplies) as well as for anesthesia (the professionals that put you to sleep and their supplies). The total cost for the majority of men who need the easiest of correction usually runs around $7500-8000 total. The other procedures which are more involved and require more time would of course be more. When comparing costs it is always important to consider the quality of the surgeon, anesthesia, and facility. Remember that in general you get what what you pay for and if it seems like too good of a deal, there’s probably something not quite right with the selection. Financing programs are available for those who qualify and my office staff will be happy to assist you in figuring out how to make this a successful and affordable procedure.



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