How Does Social Media Influence Plastic Surgery?

Two young women taking a selfieThere has always been a demand for plastic surgery. After all, procedures such as rhinoplastybreast augmentation, and facelifts can correct perceived imperfections and help patients feel more confident in their own skin. However, social media has fueled a booming new interest in cosmetic work — and dramatically changed how many people think about their appearance.

The Effects of Selfies and Filters 

Millions of selfies are taken every single day. The only problem is that selfies don’t give us an accurate idea of what we look like. In fact, they can significantly distort our appearance. This effect is largely due to the close proximity in which we hold the camera to our smiling faces.

One study examined the effect that selfies can have on the way that our noses look. It found that selfies taken from a foot away increase nasal size by 30% in men and 29% in women compared to an orthographic projection (a reliable method of representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions). The distortion also failed to capture the 3-D appearance of the nose. Meanwhile, images taken from five feet away did not change a person’s perceived nose size. 

Now add celebrity influence to this effect. Patients often bring their plastic surgeons photos of their favorite actors or musicians. And while it can be helpful to know more about a patient’s desired results, it’s important to realize that most celebrity photos have been filtered or face-tuned. These factors can fuel unrealistic beauty standards and surgical expectations. 

Making an Informed Decision

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing plastic surgery to correct the cosmetic concerns or functional issues that you’re facing. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential influence that social media can have on your self-image as you consider having surgery.

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