Neck Liposuction for Fast Results and Easy Recovery – by Dr. Ronald Schuster, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland

Liposuction of the neck is a fast and painless way to improve your appearance. The procedure takes about an hour and the results can be seen immediately. Bruising is mild and you can be back to work in 2 days. The recovery is very easy. I like you to wear a compression strap over soft cotton for the first two days. This is very comfortable and can be removed to shower. It really helps to reduce the bruising and swelling. Liposuction of the neck also has a low cost. The whole thing will cost less than $5000. The results will depend on the elasticity of your skin. The better the elasticity, the tighter the result. For a quick fix solution that will leave you looking thinner and younger consider liposuction of the neck.