Plastic Surgery, to tell or not to tell…

In my 25+ years in plastic surgery I have heard a lot of crazy stories and excuses patients come up with to hide the fact they’ve had plastic (cosmetic) surgery. I have patients whom to this day, have yet to tell their partners about any procedure they’ve had done. This is impressive but also unfortunate.

In its infancy, cosmetic surgery was performed in the secrecy of small offices and under sometimes less than ideal settings. Today, cosmetic surgery more common and is out in the open. Reality television featuring Plastic surgery is compelling and popular. Social media is filled with before and after photos and live streaming of life in the world of Plastic surgery. We at Cosmetic Surgery Baltimore are seeing some patients being more open about many procedures. For example, Breast augmentation and tummy tucks AKA “mommy makeovers” are welcomed after pregnancy.

There is no shame in reshaping your image and restoring your self-esteem. Many patients want to do something to enhance or reinforce their confidence and/or to reflect how they feel. For many of our cosmetic patients, it’s hard for them to look at every day at a face or body they no longer recognize. The decision to have Cosmetic surgery is a highly personal choice that patients make after a thorough consultation. Most patients prior to surgery remain very private about their decision to have surgery. Afterward, when they are so happy with their results, they become ambassadors in referring their family and friends

For those of you looking to dodge the questions here are a few examples of some of the tall tales and excuses we hear at Cosmetic Surgery Baltimore:

Non-surgical procedures (filler injections) = Dental procedures like wisdom teeth, gum surgery and dental implants can cause similar swelling and bruising. Klutzy excuses like accidentally striking your face with a door, or falling at home have been used with success.

Tummy tuck = Fixing a hernia or any GYN surgery are good ones. Having “female surgery” is great because few friends or workplaces are willing to “go there” to inquire for more info! And, by the way, if you are a woman having a tummy tuck you are having female surgery so there’s no reason to feel guilty!

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) = Fixing a deviated septum and having sinus surgery are popular excuses and have the same recovery as a rhinoplasty.

Liposuction = Any type of minor athletic injury, like a muscle strain, sprain or twist can always put you out of commission for one to two weeks

Breast surgery = Muscular and joint excuses like a shoulder injury, pulled muscle and neck strain work great and can give you the excuse you are looking for when you can’t lift much right after surgery!

Facial surgery (facelift, eyelid surgery) = Just say that you had upper eyelid surgery because it was affecting your vision. It worked for your mother! Having a “little neck tightening” seems to be a generally accepted surgery even when you are really having a full facelift.

Share Your Experience Proudly

Many patients are careful to keep their nips and tucks under wraps, others proudly wear their surgical tape on their sleeves and even chronical their plastic surgery journey on social media, or create open support groups. I get a lot of referrals from patients that shared their experience on Instagram and Facebook which I am thrilled to see. I love how social media can bring people together and help demystify and destigmatize plastic surgery.

We’d love to hear about your experience or help you if you are just starting your plastic surgery journey. Call us at (410) 902-9800 for a consultation or more information regarding all cosmetic procedures.



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