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Cosmetic surgeon Ronald Schuster, MD offers a number of advanced facial rejuvenation options, including laser skin resurfacing, to help patients at his Baltimore, Maryland area center enjoy a smoother, more youthful look.

Pre-Operative Laser Resurfacing Care:

  • Purchase supplies at a pharmacy: Cetaphil™ cleanser, Aquaphor™ healing ointment.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the office.
  • Begin taking Valtrex one day prior to laser skin resurfacing at our Baltimore, Maryland area center.
  • Before coming to the office or hospital for treatment, remove all make-up and wash your face gently with Cetaphil™.
  • Start the prescribed antibiotic the morning of treatment.
  • If the laser resurfacing procedure is performed in the office, you may take the pre-medication (Tylox/Valium/Ativan) which was prescribed to you one hour before your treatment time.
  • Review the laser consent form. Be sure you have signed the consent form before taking any pre-medication.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing. Do not wear anything which needs to be pulled down over your head.

Post-Operative Laser Resurfacing Care and Recovery:

  • Elevate head at all times to reduce swelling. Use several pillows at night.
  • Apply cold, wet compresses to areas treated with laser resurfacing as often as possible for the first 48 hours. You may continue the cool compress for one week thereafter for comfort.
  • Twice daily, wash face gently with Cetaphil™, pat dry, and apply Aquaphor™ ointment liberally. Keep treated areas well lubricated with the ointment, applying more frequently as needed. DO NOT ALLOW LASERED AREAS TO DRY OUT. Stop applying the ointment when areas have healed (see below).
  • Any scabs which form may be gently soaked off, gradually over several days. DO NOT PICK TO REMOVE DEAD SKIN OR SCABS!
  • You may have pain for several days after your laser resurfacing procedure and should take the pain medicine that was prescribed for you. Extra-strength Tylenol or Advil may also be taken and are very good for mild discomfort.
  • Itching is common – DO NOT SCRATCH! Try Benedryl over the counter medication. Call the office if that is not effective.
  • Complete the antibiotic and Valtrex as prescribed to you.

Post-Operative Laser Resurfacing Expectations:

  • Healing after laser resurfacing takes approximately 7-10 days. During this time, the areas will ooze a clear yellowish liquid. As the fluid dries, crusts will form. Sometimes small amounts of cracking and bleeding may occur. The crusts and scabs will begin to gradually flake off after one week , leaving behind a smooth, dry, pink surface . The skin is now healed and you may apply make-up as desired. Do not apply make-up to any areas which remain open.
  • Swelling is normal for approximately one week .
  • Carefully protect your skin from the sun for the first two weeks. Wear a sunscreen (SPF 15 or greater) for three months after treatment.
  • Areas treated with laser resurfacing will become pink and will gradually fade over two to three months.
  • Flaking of newly treated skin is expected. Use moisturizer liberally.

For more information on facial rejuvenation options like chemical peelsBOTOX® CosmeticRestylane®, or laser skin resurfacing, contact our Baltimore, Maryland area office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ronald Schuster.



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