Questions to Ask Yourself before Having Cosmetic Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery is a huge decision that requires careful thought and reflection. Baltimore plastic surgeon Ronald Schuster encourages anyone considering plastic surgery to spend some time asking some important questions.

Am I pursuing surgery for myself or for someone else?

Clarify what motivates you to move forward with surgery. Are you trying to improve an area of your face or body that bothers you? Or are you trying to satisfy the desires of someone else — perhaps a significant other or family member?

What are my goals and expectations?

Do you expect reasonable improvement or complete perfection? What is your ideal cosmetic outcome of surgery? Are you able to communicate this information to your plastic surgeon? Setting reasonable expectations and having open communication with your surgical team improves the chances that you’ll be satisfied with your experience.

Do I feel comfortable with the surgeon I have chosen?

Is the plastic surgeon you have chosen certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Does he or she have good before-and-after images, and positive patient testimonials? Do you feel comfortable talking to your surgeon and asking hard or awkward questions?

Do I understand the risks of surgery?

Do you accept the risk that something could go wrong during or after surgery? Any plastic surgery carries some risk; even a textbook perfect procedure can lead to complications. Talk to your plastic surgeon about the potential complications and ask how he or she can minimize these risks.

Can I devote sufficient time to recovery?

Can you take several weeks off from work, school and your responsibilities to recover from surgery? You must schedule adequate time to heal. (Most patients take at least one week off work, but some take up to four, depending on the procedure.) During that time you should do very little, other than rest and relax. You will need to recruit a loved one to help you with cooking, chores and childcare during your recovery.

Am I able to pay for surgery?

Most plastic surgery procedures are elective and not covered by insurance. Can you afford to pay for surgery? Have you looked into your financing options, which can help split the overall cost into monthly payments?

Talk to Dr. Schuster

Dr. Schuster is happy to answer questions from interested plastic surgery candidates. Don’t hesitate to call or email our office if he can be of any help during the decision making process.



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