What To Look For in Facelift Before and After Photos

facelift before after images

There are a few different reasons to browse your potential surgeon’s before and after gallery. Of course, seeing stunning transformations can help you feel more motivated to pursue a certain procedure. But these images also allow you to evaluate a surgeon’s work before you book a consultation.

Here are the top things you should look for in facelift before and after photos:

  • Consistent positioning: Check to ensure that the patient’s head is in a similar and neutral position in both images. For example, if their chin is tucked in the before photo and extended in the after, this difference can exaggerate the results of the procedure.
  • Timing of post-op photos: Early post-op results can often look very dramatic because of the natural swelling that occurs. It is best to view results at least six months after surgery, once the swelling has resolved.
  • Lighting: Lighting can make dramatic changes in shadows. Shadows on the face create signs of aging. Bright lights shining on the face can eliminate shadows and create the illusion of youthfulness. Make sure the lighting is the same in the before and after photos.
  • Hidden scars: Facelift surgery will always leave scars. However, they should be well-concealed within the hairline and/or around the ear. In fact, you probably won’t be able to spot them in before and after images that were taken a few months post-op.
  • Symmetry: While no one has a perfectly symmetrical face, the aging process has a way of disrupting the balance between features. One side may develop more volume loss or laxity. Look for these differences and see if they were addressed during surgery.
  • Upper cheek fullness: Full and lifted cheeks are clear indicators of a youthful face that fade over time. The aging process causes the cheeks to lose volume and flatten out. Fortunately, techniques like the composite facelift can restore a youthful cheek contour. Also, a youthful face has a very smooth transition from the lower eyelid into the upper cheek. This can be difficult to achieve and is the ultimate test of successful results in facial rejuvenation.
  • A lack of pulling: Facelift surgery is often associated with a windswept look. However, you won’t see skin that appears too taught or stretched when you look at good before and after images. The goal is to tighten the skin while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • Smooth neck and jawline contours: Many facelift techniques also incorporate neck rejuvenation. Keep an eye out for smooth contours, less banding, and minimal fullness under the jawline. In some cases, you will also notice that an implant has been placed to address a weak chin caused by jawbone recession and gradual fat loss.

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