Will A Breast Lift Reduce Breast Size?

A before and after image of Dr. Schuster's breast lift patientLifting your breasts raises the breast tissue and fat back up to a perky position on your chest. Your breasts will look rounder afterward, but will they be smaller? Many women wonder how mastopexy will affect size. The short answer is no, your breasts are more or less the same size, but the loose tissue is gone and you may wind up getting a different bra size as a result.

A Breast Lift Brings Everything Back Up to Where it Should Be

The goal of mastopexy is to reduce the sagging, drooping skin and tissue on your breasts. You may have developed elongated breasts because of:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Aging
  • Genetics

Once-full and perky breasts can become deflated. The nipples may point downward and fall to the bottom of the breast. Chafing, skin irritation, and rashes are also common with sagging breast tissue because it rubs against the chest. Ultimately, you may wish to see perkier, firmer breasts when you look in the mirror. It’s possible with a breast lift!

Your breasts will not be smaller after mastopexy. But they may look smaller to you, and they will certainly look different than they were before. The underlying breast size and substantive tissue will still be there, but the unnecessary, sagging tissue is removed, thereby revealing the true shape and size of your breasts.

It is possible that you have been buying larger bras in order to accommodate all of the loose skin. Once the tissue is removed, you may benefit from a smaller cup size to fit your rejuvenated breasts. Some women find their bra size doesn’t change. It’s really an individual result. Bra sizing varies widely from brand to brand even though the cup size letter on the label may be the same.

Get an Idea of What a Breast Lift Will Look Like on You

Dr. Ronald Schuster has been performing breast lifts for many years. He and his patients have seen the rejuvenating results that mastopexy can provide, and he can help you to see what results are possible for your body.

In addition to viewing before-and-after images to get an idea of the range of possibilities, you can ask Dr. Schuster any and all questions about what you can expect, what is not reasonable to expect, and whether your breasts will look small after the procedure. He provides clear, honest, and helpful guidance so you can make an informed decision about cosmetic surgery.

To arrange a consultation in the Baltimore area to discuss a breast lift, please call the practice of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald Schuster in Lutherville-Timonium at 410-902-9800.



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