Facelift Testimonial for Dr. Ronald H Schuster, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland
February 18, 2010

Just received this lovely email form one of our “out-of towners”. She travelled from New York and send her compliments returning home. She had a facelift, eyelid surgery and chin implant performed about three weeks ago. “Dear Dr. Schuster, I have attached my three week picture to give you a look at your masterpiece. :). click to read more →

Brazilian Butt Lift by Ronald H. Schuster, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland
February 17, 2010

Wow, talk about a hot topic! The Brazilian Butt Lift has gotten to be quite a buzz around town, the country and the world. Many women have found a successful trreatment to their flat, shapeless butts at last. It is really not new but has gotten to be much more popular because of internet awareness. click to read more →

Happy Holidays from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Ronald H. Schuster, M.D. – Baltimore, Maryland
December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays! It’s been a difficult year for so many people. I’m glad that I could help out al of my psatients, whether or not they were having surgery for out of necessity or personal gratification and fulfillment. I hope that the worst is behind us and I am looking forward to bigger and better click to read more →

Hernias Found During Abdominoplasty by Dr. Ronald Schuster, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland
December 15, 2009

Recently I have encountered several patients who had unsuspected hernias found during their abdominoplasty. While this is really not that unusual, it is generally surprising to the patient. What is a hernia? Basically it is a “hole” in the abdominal wall, through which either fat or intestine can “poke through”. It is usually not much click to read more →

Composite Facelift still the way to go – by Dr. Ronald Schuster, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Baltimore, Maryland
December 5, 2009

While there are many different types of facelift procedures, the Composite facelift still provides for a natural balanced improvement of the aging face. After learning the technique first hand under the guidance of Dr. Sam Hamra, it has been modified slightly through the years to allow predictable beautiful results. Combined with a mid-face plication lift click to read more →