Laser Hair Removal
November 25, 2013

We are excited to introduce the Lumenis Lightsheer laser hair removal to our practice. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposing the hair follicle to pulses of laser light, thereby destroying the follicle. With advances in technology this is a relatively painless process. For the very sensitive individual a numbing cream click to read more →

Announcement About New Non-Surgical Services
November 14, 2013

I am thrilled to announce that we will be expanding our non-surgical services next month. Starting December 1st we will begin non-surgical skin tightening with the new Viora Reaction, improving our Laser Hair Removal, and providing comprehensive skin complexion analysis with Visia. These exciting new services will complement Coolsculpting, the only truly non-surgical technology to effectively reduce click to read more →

Pain Control in Tummy Tuck Surgery
November 2, 2013

The fear of pain after any type of surgery is a concern for most patients. Sometimes the fear prevents patients from having surgery that they either need or want. This can happen when patients consider tummy tuck surgery. Fortunately there are new medications, and techniques that are available which help to control and eliminate most, click to read more →

October 8, 2013

Please join us as we support the BreastFest Baltimore down at Under Armour Headquarters Saturday Oct 12th from 2-7 pm. There’s going to be live music, food silent auctions and more. “How much more?” you ask? For every person who schedules a date for cosmetic surgery (actual date can be determined later but must be click to read more →

Midface lifts – what’s the deal?
October 7, 2013

Midface lifts are surgical procedures that lift the “midface.” Duh!! But what is the midface? The midface is defined differently by different surgeons. I define the midface as the area within an upside down triangle with the base of the triangle along resting along the bottom of the lower eyelid and the top lying just click to read more →